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Getting Fit at Affordable Prices

Pick your pleasure: aerobics, weight lifting, pilates, Zumba, or Latin dance. Whether you want to keep in shape, or make some serious changes in your health and wellness, the choices are varied and incredibly affordable in Costa Rica. If you want to keep it simple and enjoy the great outdoors, the country's beautiful landscapes and temperate climate afford plenty of opportunities for road cycling, mountain biking, swimming and hiking. 

Every weekend, I see recreational cyclists zooming over the mountainous roads in our Central Valley town. Organized races are held year-round for biking enthusiasts, while periodic marathons and triathalons offer a more serious challenge. Most towns in Costa Rica, no matter how small, have at least one gym or fitness center. Our modest town has three, and each offers your standard gym fare of cardio machines, weights, and spinning classes, in addition to aerobics and popular Latin dance classes. The nice part is that compared to the States, our gym memberships are very cheap: just $20 a month for unlimited access to all classes and machines.

For something out of the ordinary, try Tae Kwon Do or belly dancing, these classes along with Zumba are the latest rage in most gyms. Some of the more upscale fitness centers have onsite nutritionists, massage services, saunas and even steam rooms! But my favorite has been access to my very first personal trainer. I could never afford such a luxury back home, and I'm taking full advantage of three 1.5 hour sessions per week for less than $90 a month.  In addition to one-on-one training customized for my specific goals, my body fat and muscle gain changes are monitored, so I can really track my progress.

Monthly dues in some of the country's finer gyms can set you back $50-70 per month, but members have access to super modern amenities and convenient locations. Combined with a clean diet and the country's mild weather, you can't ask for a better environment to get in shape!

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